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released 2013 under CC License

Panic Button - Foxygene
The songs were about men and ships, musings on the laws that govern their paths.
Herded across a dusty mixing board the rag-tags were entombed in an antique hard disk, a modern artifact, itself old enough to be at home in a time capsule.
A priceless astronomical mechanism can slip beneath the waves as old books are washed and reused.
Under ultraviolet light the wheels of the design emerge from behind hand copied verses on faith and fate.
In the end the album was rescued from the crash site and reverse engineered using modern digital methods, reasserting what the past can tell us of the future.


released February 12, 2013

All songs written/performed/produced by Mach FoX & TQ4
Mastered by Nic Heidt
Artwork/Layout by Kris Heding
Mission Control photo used courtesy of Simon Pound

Special thanks to Augie Ambe(on tracks 1 & 5)
and Mei Young(on tracks 1 & 5)

Recorded/Mixed at WishingStar Studio & The FoX Den

The basic instrumental tracks were arranged and recorded with minimal sequencing, CV triggers, and arpeggiators in lo-fi live to 2-track sessions at WishingStar in St.Paul,Mn.USA. These basic tracks were done on a variety of analog/digital synthesizers and drums. Additional vocals were tracked and final editing/mixing/digital manipulations were done at the FoX Den in Mpls.Mn.USA




Panic Button Minneapolis, Minnesota

Panic Button -
The duo of Mach FoX and TQ4 share a taste for sci-fi , pop, rock and new wave synthesizers.

If you enjoy Panic Button - Foxygene Album music please familiarize yourself with these innovators -The Buggles, Todd Rundgren, John Foxx, Flaming Lips, 10CC.
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Track Name: Thee Approach
Thee Approach

incoming subspace communication

alien robots have been detected
and I expect them to arrive promptly
Track Name: Images In Time
Images In Time

You were warm inside
with your ignorance and pride

It was so cold there
but you didn't care

you were torn inside
with your images in time

you were the leader of the first fight
you were torn inside with your images in time
Track Name: Hardest Sign
Hardest Sign

To the mountain

they left a pile of dust from the stars
when they left the mountain
they just left in their cars
and went to the bar
they didn't want to see the signs

the power of the stars

they didn't think about
a millenium of rust
they didn't want to see the signs
the stars were reduced to dust
they thought they could hide
in the mountain side
a million years of rust

It's the hardest sign
known to humankind
they didn't want to see the signs
it's the hardest sign
shown to humankind
they didn't want to see the signs

It's the hardest sign
when they took the stars and they crushed them down
the dust was left
one million tons

the sign was a number
black mountain side
a million miles to hide

omni was the science
omni was from time
there was a sign left behind

It's the hardest sign

the stars were a mirror
numbers were the time
one million tons to find
Track Name: Spiral Dimension
Spiral Dimension

subspace communication

you can not be defeated
to the spiral dimension
Track Name: Artificial Life
Artificial Life

She only wanted to serve but ended up in the fight
she was the virtual apple of his minds eye
when the battle begun he knew she would win
her laser eyes, she penetrates skin

she was all, she was all
artificial life
I was like, and she chose
artificial life

she was wire and steel and she came from the stars
no matter where she was her home was always far
Track Name: Alien Vultures
Alien Vultures

I was awakened by a star shower
aliens landing and opened like flowers
they chased us away with mechanical legs
alien vultures chased us away

I came upon you there
I touched your golden hair

waited for centuries, waited for hours she never came
waited for nothing, waited for hours
it was a pouring rain
Track Name: Good Luck Captain
Good Luck Captain

Good Luck Captain
there is an emergency
aliens have been detected
in the harmonic dissarry

with your arrival at the laboratory
we think we can stop thee invasion
we must first invert thee invasion

and you will see
in our journey
and you will be
a space traveller

good luck captain

although thee motion detector
cant always stand their penetration reflector
good luck captain

I am issuing a warning from the scientists at the observatory
there is a breakdown in the atmosphere and there is no glory
end of the story

as you proceed, I will update you
as you need, I will update you
there is a war, I will update you
we have no cities
we abhor thee invasion
the equation is more
than thee invasion

turn it around
Track Name: Panic Button
Panic Button

Don't push the panic button
leave it alone

I've seen things go wrong
I sing a simple song
for anyone that will listen
I've got a tune
Track Name: When We Drive
When We Drive

When we drove down lyndale
I wanted to jump out, just bail
do you remember we were fighting about talk radio

when we drive

long ago I stopped on the avenue
you were trying to succed
I was leaving

I grin from ear to ear
I think I could mess around
I grin from ear to ear
we could spend nites on the town
carried by nothing with no fear
I grin from ear to ear

we could rape this town
we could tie it upside down

when we drive
Track Name: Thee Invasion
Thee Invasion

As you proceed, I will update you
as you need, I will update you
there is a war, I will update you
we have no cities
we abhor, thee invasion
the equation is more
than thee invasion

turn it around
Track Name: Worst I Can Do
Worst I Can Do

The worst I can do
is forget about you
I never knew
how to keep my mind off of you

and I only meant you harm
in the best way
and I go on in spite of you
and you push the light away
Track Name: Starry Skies
Starry Skies

I'm always looking up at the sky

biomechanical morphosize
we feel no guilt no compromise

we fell down from the starry sky

we are the terror from the skies
we are the terror in your eyes