Good Luck Captain

from by Panic Button



Good Luck Captain

Good Luck Captain
there is an emergency
aliens have been detected
in the harmonic dissarry

with your arrival at the laboratory
we think we can stop thee invasion
we must first invert thee invasion

and you will see
in our journey
and you will be
a space traveller

good luck captain

although thee motion detector
cant always stand their penetration reflector
good luck captain

I am issuing a warning from the scientists at the observatory
there is a breakdown in the atmosphere and there is no glory
end of the story

as you proceed, I will update you
as you need, I will update you
there is a war, I will update you
we have no cities
we abhor thee invasion
the equation is more
than thee invasion

turn it around


from Foxygene, released February 12, 2013




Panic Button Minneapolis, Minnesota

Panic Button -
The duo of Mach FoX and TQ4 share a taste for sci-fi , pop, rock and new wave synthesizers.

If you enjoy Panic Button - Foxygene Album music please familiarize yourself with these innovators -The Buggles, Todd Rundgren, John Foxx, Flaming Lips, 10CC.
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